Experienced Computer Engineer  Analyst and Technology Management

Greg L. Huddleston


Greg L. Huddleston

Computer Engineer, Analyst and Technology Management

Huntington Beach, CA 92649

EMail: huddleston.greg@gmail.com        Linked In:   linkedin.com/in/greghudd 


Computer engineer, inventor, software developer and analyst with over 20 years of creating, integrating and deploying world-class technology solutions into corporate, R&D and consumer sectors. 

I have conducted local and international training, technical writing, consulting, software development and data center deployments throughout the US and abroad.

Equally well versed in small-form mobile development, cloud computing, standard application development as well as lab management, data center secure deployments and in data center migration.

I still love to code and do so frequently.  Programmed assembly language for a real-time embedded printing system for 8 years professionally; so I can perform any programming task with most modern computing languages as necessary for the task at hand. These days most of my development is in the cross-platform mobile tablet development and web development space.


  1. BulletISSUED United States Patent: (#USA7200578), April 2007

  2.   “Method and System for Anonymzing Purchase Data

  3. BulletISSUED Patents Internationally

  4. Various countries as: “Digital Distributed Electronic Wallet

  5. BulletConducted Seminar with Example Prototype

  6. Latest Mobile Technologies will lead to New Business Opportunities”

  7. Graziadio Graduate School of Business, Pepperdine University, Malibu CA


As Consultant

Senior Management Consultant, Analyst, Research & Development Lead
ReachIPS Incorporated (a cloud computing startup)

Phoenix, Arizona (2011-2014)

Performed surperbly in a technical-business advisement role to a cloud computing startup ReachIPS Inc.  As a startup entity I held multiple job responsibilities within the firm, I performed in a Consultancy role, in both a Business Analyst and Systems Analyst roles as well as in a Lead Research and Development role, as business priorities dictated.

As Consultant, reporting directly to the CEO, I had direct responsibility for technical, managerial and new business advisements to the CEO and C-Level staff on a daily basis.

  • Results:  Our joint efforts generated high income for the firm in a measurable way.

In my Business Analyst role, I was consulted on numerous cloud deployment scenarios from both a business 'bidding' perspective and from a technical advisement perspective on a continuing basis. 

  • Results:  Firms conversion rates were above 10% which exceeds industry standards.  

In my Systems Analyst role, I was responsible for customer analysis and solutions at the third tier support level, as needed.  As example:  When ReachIPS was in jeopardy of losing our oldest customer, a high-end Chiropractic medical provider, due to poor cloud-performance at their headquarters; I lead an onsite analysis of the firms technology applications and network infrastructure to determine and then alleviate hybrid-cloud performance issues at this location. 

  • Technologies used:  Physical inspection(s), Network analysis (fixed and wireless), Applications analysis (standard office applications as well as specialized HIPPA compliant applications).  Problem(s) determination, created full analysis report.
  • Results:   This initiative retained this long term customer generating many thousands of dollars per month into the firm on a still continuing basis. 

In my Research and Development role for ReachIPS, I invented and instituted many diverse and unique business solutions generating a high amount of revenue for our firm.

Architected and authored a cross-platform solution to allow one of our hybrid-cloud customers the means to interface their legacy ERP system, installed on our cloud, to technicians in the field using mobile devices while maintaining security. 

  • Project included both the development and creation of the mobile front end application as well as the development of the secure middleware host, which interfaced into their legacy product in a secure way.
  • Technologies used:  ECMA JavaScript, Actionscript 3, Apache Flex Mobile, MySQL, Eclipse. 
  • Results:  Solution saved many hundreds of thousands of dollars as compared to the costs and time that would be necessary to reengineer their base ERP product line using other methods. 

Architected and constructed a prototype for a an entirely new business entity which intersects the legal and medical industries in a compelling way all running on our super-secure cloud infrastructure. 

  • Results:  A fully functioning prototype is fully demonstrable.
  • Technologies used:  ECMA JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, jQuery UI, MySql, Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Apache Web Server

Created an entirely new methodology for the configuration and deployment of heterogeneous private clouds into our backend environment, based on a mathematical formula, in a patentable way. 

  • Results:  This unique method is featured in our ReachIPS investor information packet.

I still have an ongoing relationship, including an ownership position, with this firm.

Principal Analyst - Data Center Engineer  (2011)

Community Health Systems Inc., Nashville, TN

Key team member of a 140 TB, 120-application, 400-server 9-hospital $3 million dollar migration project to migrate a legacy hospital data center operation to a new Tier 3 datacenter for Community Health Systems including:

  1. Migration activities included the synchronization of over 40 Meaningful Use projects that were going live at the same time.  Key functions were to develop a visual and electronic database of the existing and Go-To architecture, including network, WAN, server, and application topologies, inventories and interdependencies.

  2. Served as both a systems analyst and business analyst to the project. As business analyst, interfaced with application team(s) to validate interdependencies and business priority.

  3. Developed a change management strategy to enable six different vendors and companies to track Meaningful Use and Datacenter infrastructure changes both at legacy datacenter and at new facility. 

  4. As a system analyst, interfaced between project team and infrastructure teams to validate and document physical From and Go-To mappings for the new data center layout for physical deployment. 

Technologies used throughout project: Microsoft Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, MS Project, Apache Web Server, Network discovery tool

Chief Engineer  (2007-2008)

Worlddubs Inc., Long Beach, CA

WorldDubs is a privately held business with a charter of selling the finest custom wheel products to an international market. 

WorldDubs.com custom e-commerce portal presented high-end custom wheel products geared towards the selection and purchase of custom wheels to a worldwide market. 

I architected, developed, launched and managed this e-commerce portal both the visible front-end (customer-facing) and back-end (wheel manufacturer inventory and  e-commerce clearing house).  

Technologies used: PHP, ECMA Javascript, CSS, XML, MySQL, Eclipse, e-Commerce engine, Dreamweaver, Photoshop

As Employee

Sr. Systems Analyst and Lab Manager (2000-2007)

Citigroup Corporation, Los Angeles, CA

Citigroup Development Center Los Angeles, Project: ‘CitiAlert: Java Financial Platform’

  1. Researcher, trainer, software developer, deployment engineer, lab administrator, and technical writer for the ‘Citigroup Java Financial Platform’ and the ‘CitiAlert’ projects. 

  2. Deployment engineer for product(s) into the main Asia data center.  Trained staff on-site at the datacenter servicing all of the Asia region(s) located in Ginza prefecture, Japan on product(s) maintenance and usage.

  3. Deployment engineer for the first international mobile e-commerce project for the bank codenamed ‘PokeBank Japan’

  4. Role was both as software engineer and as the on-site deployment Lead for the project into the main Citibank Japan datacenter servicing all of the Asia region(s) located in Tennozu Isle, Japan.

  5. I re-factored, architected and took stewardship of a custom CMS system for the entire Citigroup Global Delivery Systems division, which is still in use today by the bank internationally.

  6. Implemented a custom security software middleware for use by our offshore support vendors for connection into our Microsoft Active Directory authentication mechanism used by the Citibank data center(s) still today.

  7. Technologies used as lab administrator and developer included but were not limited to: Visual Basic, Java, JSP, Struts, ECMA Javascript, Dreamweaver, MS OS Various, Linux, Unix, Solaris, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle DB, IBM DB2, BEA Weblogic, IBM WebSphere, Eclipse, Visual Studio, MS Office, MS Project

Chief Engineer  (1998-2000)

Digital Advertising Systems Inc , Whittier, CA  

Invented, produced, deployed and managed a digital advertising system which presented real estate property information to autonomous ‘displays’ located within local businesses, pre-dating the internet.

Principal Member of the Technical Staff  (1996-1998)

Citibank Development and Research Center, Los Angeles, CA 90066

  1. Researched new technologies, created computerized demonstrations of said technologies & then presented these ideas in our demonstration theatre to banking and outside business dignitaries.  Seminars conducted in our dedicated onsite presentation theatre

  2. Integral member of a forward development team that brought a stored value smartcard (based on Javacard), to the US Navy.  My role in this project included engineering, management and deployment capacity.  Project launched on budget and ahead of schedule

  3. Integral member of a forward development team that produced a biometric ‘retina eye scanner’ prototype for Citibank Asia.

  4. Demonstrated prototypes that I created (custom code usually early Java), on small form devices of many types NewtonScript, Windows CE and Smart-card based.  These are the precursors to todays commonplace banking applications on smart-phones, tablets and other small form devices that we use every day today.

Sr. Systems Engineer  (1986-1996)

Xerox Corporation Inc.  Printing Systems Division, El Segundo, CA  

  1. Systems Programer (Low Level Assembly Language) for mid-range printing systems for 8 years

  2. Development Lab Manager for mid-range printing systems development group

  3. Instructor: (US & abroad): Java Digital Object Technologies

Engineer and Technical Sales

Southwest Medical Physics Inc., So. Pasadena CA

Audio Data Analyst

McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Inc.

Acoustics and Vibration Data Center, Long Beach CA


  1. BulletBachelor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

  2. California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, CA

  3. Circle-K District Governor, for 3 states, Cal - Nevada - Hawaii (2 terms)

  4. Circle-K President, Cal State Long Beach University

  1. BulletUNIX Certified, Cal State University Long Beach, Long Beach CA


  1. I am a United States citizen, born, raised and have always resided in the So. California area.

I possess the proper credentials and background to pass any required security screenings as necessary for the position

Online Credentials:  Greg L. Huddleston



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